About me...

I'm the son of a sculptor and a Teddy Bear designer. Alas, I was never destined to become a rocket scientist.

I’ve been in the design game for a long time. Most of my life in fact. I started designing on a Sinclair Spectrum as a kid in the early 80′s, using packages which didn’t even allow me to save what I’d created. They had 8 colours. I learnt to dither to simulate more. I created fonts on an 8X8 grid. It beeped. I bought a multichannel sound board. Then it beeped in 4 channels.

I programmed graphics and games and wrote music on 8-bit machines. I worked my way up to the Atari 800 XL - which gave a whole rainbow of colours (256 in fact) to choose from. It also had multichannel sound. I wrote music by programming Basic, created sound envelopes with for/next loops. For a while its capabilities overwhelmed me.

I got over it and bought an Atari ST in 1989. This had 4,096 colours and built in MIDI sockets. It had the GEM operating system – one of the first GUIs. I got a DTP package. I got a word processor. I got an art package. I could save things to floppy disk ! I got a MIDI sequencer. Heck, I even got a dot matrix printer. I produced lavish black and white dotty graphics at University. I produced MIDI music.

Throughout academic and early work, I always became the presentation guy. Whatever means were available from crayons, sugar paper and Spraymount to Vax VMS and laser printer output.

Then one day I heard of this thing called the Internet.

Some facts about Leigh Kenton Howells:

  • Web Interface Designer, since 1994.
  • Designing electonically since discovering the Basic language 'Draw' command.
  • Worked for a dot.com and rode the first bubble of boom and bust
  • Specialises in front-end design, accessibility and XHTML/CSS
  • Designer of logos, graphic identities
  • Creator of animation and video sequences
  • Composer of mainly instrumental music in random styles
  • Has an MA in Electronic music from York University
  • Is very keen in all things photographic
  • Collects National Geographic – has a BA in Geography
  • Lover of Modern Architecture
  • Player and lover of many instruments from piano to ocarina
  • Really wants a baby grand piano but will never have the space
  • Likes just about anything raspberry flavoured
  • Eats many many bananas
  • Thinks snorkelling is the best thing ever
  • I can swim all day long without stopping
  • Passionate about the world of coffee
  • Loves modern art, especially if it makes him laugh or go woooo
  • Caravaggio is his favourite artist of ‘proper’ paintings
  • Adores the graphic works of M.C.Escher
  • Really likes alien worlds of Giger, and the surrealism of Dali
  • Thinks the music of Jon Hopkins is sublime
  • Collects random musical instruments
  • Leigh mostly listens to books as he falls asleep reading
  • Worked for 3 years in Reading University’s IT department
  • Thinks his favourite film would be impossible to decide
  • Adores choral music and requiem masses. But also loves trance.
  • Has had grey hair since he was 18. But is positive that he still actually has hair
  • Has worked as a fund raiser
  • Thinks its a shame 'the glass' only has water in it, half full or not
  • Can walk quite quickly
  • Has a passion for Venice
  • Laughed at Twitter at first (Got that wrong then!)
  • Never wants to stop learning

Most of what I have ever done has been about the presentation. The substance has often been dubious.