• Goodbye Statamic. Hello Grav.

    A couple of years ago I made the move away from Wordpress and the unruly MySQL database for my personal site, and decided to embrace the static site. At first I was really excited by a app called Docpad, which worked in a similar way to Jekyll, i.e. processing pages and outputting purely flat html/css/js files.

  • Does Your Site Have Charisma?

    Over the last couple of years I’ve heard many people bemoan the fact that a lot of websites 'are all starting to look the same'. There’s a certain amount of truth in this.

  • In Drupal Deep

    So I've spent the last 5 days burying my head much further into the intricacies of the Drupal CMS. Although I've been using and toying with Drupal for years, I've decided I need to get to more thoroughly know a content management system that's taken a little more seriously.

  • Yes, the Next Project Will Be Perfect!

    During every big project I work on, I seem to spend a lot of time thinking through how the nebxt one will be SO much better.  It's always going to be perfect, next time.

  • Reception Area Design Exercise

    I thought I would share a little design workshop game that I dreamt up last year for a session that I ran with a new client. I say game, it..

  • Old is the new young

    The other day I took a look at the young designer nominations for the .Net magazine awards, and had a little nose about their personal sites...

  • Exploring the static web

    Rebuilding my website has never been easy. This redesign process has been particularly difficult as I not only couldn't decide on how thing...