Touring: Iceland

    A 200km drive around Iceland in a van.

    Headscape Office, Winchester 2018

    A rare day when everyone is in the office.

    Scandinavia Tour 2017

    At some point I decided it might be fun for me and my son to drive a couple of thousand km around Scandinavia.

    The plan was to stay in random accommodation types and generally drive from Copenhagan to Stockholm, up and across to Oslo and south again back to Copenhagan down the Swedish west coast,...

    Everything is Meaningless

    Once upon a time in a town far, far away, I was extremely bored.

    I'm not easily bored, usually only when held captive. On this occasion I was being forced; against my will, to sit in a church and witness a 'happy couple' say supposedly meaningful words to each other. In fact, I was so bored that...

    Gear 360

    Some experiments with the Samsung Gear 360

    Backwater Weir Hemmingford Gray

    Taming the Monster

    I converted my little site here to Drupal a few months ago. Yesterday, I'd had enough pain and torment so reverted it back to Grav.


    So I have actually managed to grow FOOD. Not a lot of food it has to be said. But it's food none-the-les.

    I also managed to keep a chilli plant alive to grow actual red chillis too. Now not really sure what to do with them all.

    I didn't realise the beans had actually grown as they were hidi...

    Signed in Curve and Shape

    ― A poem for my Dad, Leigh Howells 2009.

    A Picture of Me

    Well, it's not very often that I like a photo of me. Here's one Ed Merritt took on our recent trip to a Washington law firm. We were doing some test attorney photography exploring casual natural light.

    Even though this image is completely wrong for the intended purpose (arms unfolded, looking...

    Waves NX

    Waves Audio released a new product called Nx – Virtual Mix Room at this year’s NAMM show in California. To be honest, this product took me a little by surprise. It’s one of those plugins that initially looked a bit boring until I read a little more and saw it in action.

    Waves NX simulates a roo...

    Destination. A tiny short story

    The wind rushed through Sarah’s hair, a fiery halo of auburn tentacles. Her breath was gone, the blast of air forcing itself into her mouth and lungs, pushing away any sound she cared to try and utter. The cold spread from fingertips to toes, to her heart as it struggled to determine the current tempo of the situation. The adrenaline rush wasn’t adding to the nausea now, but was providing unexpected calm around and through her.

    There was no time to dwell on such physical trivialities right now, this was a time for inner reflection, a moment of spiritual redemption. Time was short. Thoughts of her father, his strong arms around her and kind words kissing her brow flooded her mind. Her mother too, strong and determined, pushing her ever forwards. She so wished for her daughter to be greater than she’d ever felt the right or need to be. They had loved her. They had not deserved all she had committed against them these twenty two years.

    Reading List

    I've been trying much harder to read more web and design books lately. I think the problem with reading most text book tomes is the fact they feel like a bit of a slog to get through compared to snacking on blog posts. In the past I have relegated the task to some ideal moment when I suddenly have lots of time. This, of course, never happens or very very rarely at best.

    So lately, I've taken a new approach. Put simply it seems to work much better for me if I try really hard to read a single chapter a day. In fact I've taken to doing this with novels as well as web/design books.

    30 day vegan

    Somehow, I decided it was a good idea to try becoming a vegan for a month.

    It's not much fun, and it definitely isn't that easy.

    Getting back into GIT

    I've been trying to use GIT for years now, but have buried my head in the sand as it has always seemed a bit tricky. I've also tried a lot of different GIT clients and a few different ways to get myself into it but all have fallen flat.

    Big Hero 6

    Beautiful - San Fransokyo

    Nice Story

    Inflatable DMax

    Sass Functions!

    Today was my first attempt venture into Sass functions. So damned useful! I can't remember where I got it from, but it's so very useful and I hve been actively avoiding finding out about it.

    This simple function is really helpful for experimenting with colours - epecially useful when designing in...

    Hansel and Gretel

    Wonderful intro titles
    Nice first bit
    Witches were quite scary (not as scary as first)
    Concept quite good - franchisable
    Nice weapons
    Nice idea.. not sure it worked too well

    What's in a name?

    I've been pondering today what my job title should be. I'm currently a designer, who does UX work, but also I'm doing some project management. I'm creative, have direct technical knowledge, produce content, build content sites. It's hard to know what to call myself that anyone would really under...

    In Drupal Deep

    So I've spent the last 5 days burying my head much further into the intricacies of the Drupal CMS. Although I've been using and toying with Drupal for years, I've decided I need to get to more thoroughly know a content management system that's taken a little more seriously.

    The Black Sea

    I like submarine films. I think I watched a lot of black and white war films on BBC2 when I was little. I especially loved the inevitable set piece where the destroyer was closing in and depth charges dropped.

    Unfortunately there were no depth charges in The Black Sea, but many other Submariner f...


    Well this wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I’d heard it had some really nice visionary city graphics, and I wasn’t disappointed. I hadn’t, however, expected a full blown Disney family film. Wish it very much was.


    I really looked forward to finally watching Interstellar. It was a lot more about people and family than I thought, and it jumped vast distances.

    The Interview

    Lowest common denominator humour
    Kim Jon Un was slightly amusing - Kay Perry
    Terrible script
    Terrible story
    Rubbish jokes
    Too much fuss about nothing.

    Safe House

    Denzil Washington.
    Fast paced
    lots of wobbly camera action
    Maybe too much wobble camera action

    American Sniper

    Clint Eastwood directs the tense, highly patriotic true story of Chris Kyle, an American sniper accountable for taking 173 lives. This film follows how he became a 'legend' to his countrymen and a man with a price on his head to the enemy, how he failed to ultimately separate his family life from th...