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Today, was Lelly’s 7th birthday party. It was a pretty tame affair really, only four little guests (should have been 5, but Megan was a no show). It was also only 2 hours long, but never in my life has an hour lasted as long as the first hour.. Within the first half an hour we welcomed little friends, played in the garden, opened presents, looked for hidden presents in the garden and painted bird houses.  Fortunately time slowed to reasonable speed, almost normal once food appeared.

For the record, those present were:  Sam Web, Hannah French, Holly, Amie Moore, those who couldn’t attend were Ashleigh Townsend and Hannah Sweeney both of whom were on holiday.  Someone called Megan just didn’t turn up.

Sam was the only boy, and Eleah seems to have a bit of a crush on him.  With quiet, unassuming parents I was quite shocked to discover an over-confident, loud, spoilt little shit of a boy. I’ve never met a child who didn’t like so many things; Ham rolls, Cheese rolls, Jam rolls, the rolls themselves, scotch eggs, sausage rolls, sausages, Ice-cream and cake. He did, apparently eat an awful lot of Marmite on white sliced bread.  Good for him, he won’t starve. He was also the most experienced 6 year old gamer I’ve ever met and his mouse finger was a blur on the strategy game “Red Alert”, an army simulation war game. In fact he was doing better than Bill (age 11) after about 15 minutes.  It seems he plays rather a lot of games on Playstation, Xbox, PC etc..etc.. In some ways I think it’s a bit worrying that a 6 year old spends so much time playing games.  In another way, he could become a brilliant tactician and top military commander of the future with the right training I’m thinking ‘Ender’s Game’ here.  Very intelligent, I just hope not misguided. We’ll see. Oh he’s also allergic to dogs.

Little Holly came. She’s a year younger than Eleah and looked a little left out of things, but enjoyed painting her bird house.  We let Sasha out for about 4 minutes. And the first thing she did was leap up at Holly, scare the pants off her and make her cry.  Sasha went back in the crate again. One party, one fear of dogs for life.  Job done.

After a session of pass-the parcel with forfeits, and birthday cake the party ended happily.  Thank God.  Next year it’s 2 friends to the cinema, it’s all a bit stressful keeping 7 year olds happy for just 2 hours.