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So I decided to take a break from iOS and my iPhone for a while and take a different approach. I used to be quite anti-Android, a bit of an Apple fan boy but after using a 7 inch Jelly Bean tablet for the last 6 months I began to really enjoy the experience.

Took delivery of this yesterday and it will become my main device (must admit I use the phone less and less) and I’m not worried about looking silly. I have a blue-tooth stereo headset and it’s performing perfectly. I also have very big pockets (big, rather than deep – did I mention this is an absolute bargain?)

This is to a top notch, quality device. Fits nicely in the hand and is slightly narrower than the iPad mini and a lot cheaper, especially the 3G version (without the voice option). The screen is gorgeous and bright, the battery life is really great – I have been using it for 8 hours continually today for all sorts of things and the battery is still 38%. I even like the Asus additions to the stock Android experience including the notification pull down and floating mini apps usable over the current app.

Negatives. Not many. I suppose the main one is that the CPU could be faster. It zips along perfectly well I hasten to add and I’ve had zero freezes (unlike my Sumvision tablet with much faster CPU spec). I don’t play any 3D fps games on tablets – as I have never found it a great experience on any device due to poor control mechanisms, but I doubt this would perform so well. But all the apps I use work fluidly and smoothly. The lack of forward camera is a shame and occasionally useful, but the front camera is useful for video calls etc.

Someone mentioned somewhere that the speaker wasn’t so great. Seems perfectly good to me, but maybe I have no expectations to fill a room with sound with a seven inch tablet.

Great tablet. Great price. Teamed up with a unlimited 3G data plan it’s a great and flexible all in one mobile consumption device.