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SXSW 2011. In a few choice pictures.

We sat on planes…

We sat on planes
and waited for planes
took pictures of random strangers (nicely lit)
then welcomed Austin like an old friend.
We met the iPad 2…
and overpriced shades were sought…
and bought.
We waited for little white men…
then drank Margaritas…
and ate freshly made Guacamole…
We sat by the pool in the Texan Spring sunshine.
Cath wore her glamour shades…
then undressed.
I took pictures of rope
We returned to the Austin Convention Centre…
and met a lot of geeks…
and a stormtrooper.
We sat in talks
then ate the best steak on Earth.
I took more pictures of random things…
and more bloody buildings.
We ate Killer Sushi…
ate meat on swords
and drank too much wine
The fire hydrants were shiny
The shadows long
The flowers pretty
The wildlife sunbathing
and fairly friendly
Some a bit noisy
The street signs were notable
The beer went down well
As did Pete’s Duellng Piano bar
The Mongolian Barbecue was excellent
The Capitol building huge
The streets colourful
with street art everywhere
Paul did a talk
I relaxed
and had my first ever Caramel Frappe induced ‘brain freeze’ from Starbucks