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Another Tim Burton film that passed me by when released, brought to my attention via Netflix and a eye-catching, memorable title graphic. I caught up with Big Fish finally and was quite surprised how good it was considering I’d not really heard much about it. In some ways it reminded me of Life of Pi, the separation of the fantastical recounting of the past and reality. Or not. Or maybe?

I think the poster put me off now I look at it again, and the fact it had Fish in the title – I thought it was some creepy river monster film. But it’s a fantasy drama about family and a bit of a personal journey more than anything. Well worth a watch if it you run across it on Netflix – especially for the mind boggingly tall Matthew McGory, the World’s tallest man (at the time), oh, and Ewan McGregor is in it too.

Interestingly – the town of Spectre featured in the film is still around, privately owned and falling apart.