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So I decided to refresh my site a little over the weekend as I was bored of being stranded on an alien planet. It’s still silly of course. I refuse to have a dull corporate site, after all a personal site should have a bit of ‘personality’ right?

Instead I’m now where I’d most like to be in the whole world. Anywhere with a lovely coral reef. Somewhere sunny. Although, actually I don’t think I’d want quite this many sharks circling in the background. They are probably symbolic/metaphorical sharks though 🙂

I also took a bit of time to fix some responsive issues I’d noticed, although I really wish I’d used the Sass/Susy grid system when I built this earlier in the year.

I do love being able to completely refresh this site by changing 6 images and a few Sass variables. Although now I’m wondering if it’s all got a bit garish. I should probably tone down the orange a tad. Maybe.