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I’ve been trying to use GIT for years now, but have buried my head in the sand as it has always seemed a bit tricky. I’ve also tried a lot of different GIT clients and a few different ways to get myself into it but all have fallen flat.

As I rarely work on shared code, GIT is easy to ignore altogether. But as a basic work-flow procedure, providing backups and a way to get back to previous versions it started to be silly to not use it.

There are a few services for hosting GIT repositories. But I am currently having much better success than normal using Bitbucket and SourceTree.

Success means I am still using both a few weeks after starting. Something that never, ever happens. Both come from Atlassian, and tie in well with each other.

SourceTree isn’t the simplest GIT client I’ve used, and the myriad of options are a bit confusing. But it all seems to work well as long I don’t start pressing and clicking on options I don’t understand.

Now I just have to remember it exists, and use it.