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He may have a name of a University in the States or a maths teacher, but his music is far more interesting.

Whilst maybe better known for co-producing Coldplay’s Viva La Vida album, I was a great fan of the first two solo albums; Opalescent and Contact Note. I also adored the film ‘Monsters’, and not only for the intense atmosphere created by his soundtrack.

Whilst some of this new album takes me back to the sublime, melodic minimalism of those first two albums, he has not been afraid to experiment with a more ‘glitchy’ sound and some pounding machine rhythms. The album also has a bit of a ‘concept’, exploring the highs and the lows of a night out.

There is beauty here. There is aural mastery here. There are also sounds that will make some listeners click ‘next’ very quickly.

Immunity is best enjoyed on good speakers with decent bass response to hear and understand what is happening across the wider audio spectrum. Whilst not quite as melodic as the first two albums, and wishing he would push the boat out much further to explore new timbres, it’s still a great listen.