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My blog has been static for a while now after giving up on WordPress. This mostly came about as I realised that Static site generators were doing a good job of replacing databases. Flat file structures feel much more appropriate for a small website made of simple pages.

I used Docpad for my site’s last incarnation – after playing with the very similar Jekyll and giving up on it for being too limited. Docpad was wonderful, apart from the fact you had to generate the site every time you made any kind of update. This was speedy and no problem at first, but it got slower and slower, and more errors crept in as things got more complicated and newer versions came out.

Eventually my local site gave up working altogether, and would only work remotely. I had neither the time nor inclination to really fathom out why. Then I stumbled upon Statamic. This promised a very similar static file system, but creating PHPfiles on the fly rather than generating HTML only files for output. Of course this is more limiting – Docpad was a great (and free) option for a very low technology server as it didn’t even require PHP to host your site.

With a bit of PHP , however, Statamic is lovely, new markdown files get pulled in automatically and taxonomies, tags/categories updated. It even has a really nice admin interface for adding new posts – all without a database. Very neat! It’s not FREE, but at only $19 per site, it’s a nice option for creating light, simple and understandable content sites with very little pain.