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I was thrilled to have a feature article printed in the February 2011 (#211) edition of .Net magazine.

I’ve been in magazines a few times in my life from the age and it’s always been really quite exciting. The first time I was in print was quite amusing to think back to. I had a couple of games published in Sinclair User – a magazine for avid Sinclair Spectrum and ZX80/81 users.

It’s funny to consider that they used to print page after page of A4 code listings which enthusiasts would eagerly type in and run. More often than not it was a disappointment, either because the game wouldn’t run due to some typing mistake, or else the game was just crap. Mine was very crap.

My lovely article.

What’s even more curious is the excitement I felt at having something ‘in print’. It’s a good feeling, more exciting than having an article ‘published’ online somehow.