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I made a New Year’s Resolution; no more dicking about!

To be more precise, I decided to stop wasting time and give myself a lot more constraint. In my professional life I always work best when I am under a deadline, under tight time pressure. In my private creative aspirations when I actually have as much time as I could want to get creative, I seem to never ever finish anything. Because I know I will never finish, quite often I don’t even bother starting.<!– more –>

This Photograph has no relevance at all to this post. I took this photo because I thought it looked nice. So maybe that makes it relevant.

A previous post Another Failed Personal Site Design was typical of how things have been for far too long. In another similar post entitled Why I Love Constraint I described how the process of creating music had also become impossible because of too many variables, and too much scope… an idiom of our time; ‘paralysis by choice’.

I’ve started 2010 with a creative splurge. I’ve redesigned this site and got it live in 2 evenings. I’ve even written a piece of music I’m really happy with in 2 evenings. What’s changed?

Well basically, I no longer give a rat’s arse what anyone else may or may not think about my own personal projects. They are, after all, personal. I will just do what I like, and what instinctively I am drawn to. I was never going to design a ‘black website’ because too many designers do just that. It has become a cliche. It has throw backs to old, bad comic sans riddled sites too. But you know what? I don’t care. I like it, that’s all that mattes. Hell, I’m even considering creating some animated GIFs. Maybe an animated envelope would be nice.

Is it harder to read white text on a black background? I’m sure there is a study or twenty somewhere or other that says it’s bad. Well, I don’t care. I’ve always been completely happy reading sites like DP Review and never had a problem with it.

In terms of music, the same applies. I’m going to create the type of music that *I* like. I’m not going to worry if I’m being terribly original, not worry about who would want to listen to what I do, or if it was commercial or not. The facts are, few people are ever actually going to ever bother listening to my music, and no one will ever buy it. The world is flooded with people trying to create music, and create websites too for that matter. But I’ll now just do whatever feeds my soul, and if I’m happy creating then that’s all that matters.