Quite enjoyed this retelling of Sleeping Beauty. Some impressive visuals, striking performance from Angelina Jolie and some very cute creature creations.

    True love's kiss seems to be a little concept that gets rolled out time and time again - popping up with neat little twists in both Frozen an...

    Saftey Not Guaranteed

    A well crafted little film following the story of a team of reporters looking into a newspaper advert for a time traveller's assistant.

    The heart of the film lays in the fact that we never really know if the placer of the advert is a genius or a lunatic. Some nice little touches along the way th...

    The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared

    After reading both this and 'The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden', I kind of felt both stories suffered from the same problem. They both started off well, and were amusing, but they seemed to go on a bit and got tiring. I think this might just be me, however. I didn't feel the same about this f...

    The Social Network

    After watching Noah, The Social Network was a completely different prospect. I've been trying to force myself to watch this since it came out on DVD, but the concept seemed so dry that I couldn't force myself. There's been a lot of this lately - watching films that I prejudged and never got round to watch.

    The Social Network

    After watching Noah, The Social Network was a completely different prospect. I've been trying to force myself to watch this since it came out on DVD, but the concept seemed so dry that I couldn't force myself. There's been a lot of this lately - watching films that I prejudged and never got round...


    I thought I couldn't fail to enjoy an epic story with modern visuals and an all star cast. I was wrong. Noah was pants, despite some impressive CGI and a nice rough ark concept. Russell Crowe was his useful gruff self, but made a reasonable Noah.

    The film lost me first with the odd rock creat...

    Tuts+ A/B Testing Course Released

    My A/B Testing video course was recently released by the online self-learning site Tuts+. This took me a long time to research, write and produce. It was bloody hard work, much harder than I imagined. So it's brilliant to see it finally live.

    The Killing (Seasons 1 to 4)

    I loved The Killing, and I'm sad it's now finished for good (most probably).

    Here's a brief summary:

    Season 1 - Excellent
    Season 2 - What? Really? Still?
    Season 3 - Excellent, relief after Season 2
    Season 4 - Very good, but very short

    A dark, brooding series - from Danish 'detective noir...

    Cool Runnings

    It's only taken me 21 years to get round to finally seeing this unlikely Olympic story, but I've heard it mentioned so many times along the way.

    Big Fish

    Another Tim Burton film that passed me by when released, brought to my attention via Netflix and a eye-catching, memorable title graphic. I caught up with Big Fish finally and was quite surprised how good it was considering I'd not really heard much about it. In some ways it reminded me of Life of P...

    Escape Plan

    I can't deny it, I'm quite partial to breakout films. This one features both Stallone and Schwarzenegger looking pretty good considering they're both pushing 70. They must really love making films, I'm very sure they don't need to work.

    The breakouts were ok, but it got a bit tiring. I think th...

    Thoughts on Design - Paul Rand

    Paul Rand is a graphic design legend. This book, however, is a bit rubbish.

    thoughts on design

    No, of course one should not blaspheme against such Gods, but this book is a little bit lightweight. It's about a 20 minute read in total and is full of greyscale images of full colour graphics (as it was first written...

    The Grey

    I've noticed this film hanging around on Netflix for a while, but couldn't stomach the grim prospect of watching an air crash and survival film. Even though the air crash part is rather memorable in it's horror, this film left me much more worried by wolves than air travel.

    Liam Neeson is the her...

    Pan's Labrynth

    I finally got round to watching Pan's Labyrinth over the weekend and was really glad I made the time.

    It's odd how I had pre-judged this film based on very little information, deciding it was a low budget fantasy film that would have my eyes rolling in their sockets from beginning to end. But i...

    Half Nelson

    Ryan Gosling plays a disfunctional history teacher in Brooklyn. He's not a very good teacher because he's got a bit of a drug issue. Beneath his disheveleed exterior, however, he genuinely cares about some of his pupils. Especially if they happen to catch him smoking crack in the toilets.

    I'm n...


    Entertaining in a way, but a little silly and flawed. Whilst Scarlet Johannssen may well be establishing herself as a bit of a Sci-Fi goto-girl, and her performances are always excellent, the premise and story of Lucy are unexciting and not grounded in science past, future or fantasy.

    Even if t...


    I watched Transcendence and Lucy back to back. Whilst Lucy was a little lame in concept, Transcendence at least had the slightly more plausible, although still fantastical premise to build upon.

    Pretty sure the CGI in both films used the same particle plugins - as there was and awful lot of 'thin...

    Bit of a site refresh

    So I decided to refresh my site a little over the weekend as I was bored of being stranded on an alien planet. It's still silly of course. I refuse to have a dull corporate site, after all a personal site should have a bit of 'personality' right?

    Instead I'm now where I'd most like to be in the whole world. Anywhere with a lovely coral reef. Somewhere sunny. Although, actually I don't think I'd want quite this many sharks circling in the background. They are probably symbolic/metaphorical sharks though :)


    My favourite 'portal' page for my browser start page:


    Fiddling with Susy

    Susy is a grid system for SAS. It looks like it has the power of a framework grid without all the pointless crap that will never get used.

    Some of my fellow webonaughts believe that building your own grid system is the best way, I don't really have the confidence in the infallibility of my coding...

    Thoughts on Design - Paul Rand

    Paul Rand is a graphic design legend. This book, however, is a bit rubbish.

    Designing in Code

    I'm still very thankful to coding the design for my current project instead of using a graphics editing package. Once you have everything set up, the pain involved in modifying and creating new templates is reduced massively.


    This is basically Gladiator with an imminently rumbly, erupting volcano. So much seemed to be lifted straight from Ridley Scott's epic that it became a bit laughable. It only got more farcical during the ending action sequences, despite some very impressive vulcan visuals. The film's only saving...

    The Untouchables

    Something about the name, the subject of the cover image and the fact I'd never heard of it didn't exactly me enthuse me to rush to watch this film

    When it started and it was in French, my heart sank further. But then I recalled that some of the best films I've ever seen have been French, and...

    Loving Statamic

    My blog has been static for a while now after giving up on Wordpress. This mostly came about as I realised that Static site generators were doing a good job of replacing databases. Flat file structures feel much more appropriate for a small website made of simple pages.


    I used Docpad for my s...

    Zero Dark 30

    A chronicle of the decade-long hunt for al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden after the September 2001 attacks, and his death at the hands of the Navy S.E.A.L. Team 6 in May 2011.

    I really didn't want to watch this after seeing Seal Team Six, but gave it a shot because I enjoyed The Hurt Locke...

    Warm Bodies

    Was forced to watch this as my daughter claimed it to be 'her most favourite film ever'. Have to admit it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be, and seeing the world from a different point of view was really well done, whilst not being over done. Of course, it all got a bit Hollywood n...


    I bought this film from Poundland so therefore had very, very low expectations. I also remembered this was released after a plethora of 'sword and sandal' type epics following the success of Gladiator.

    However, after reading 'The Song of Achilles' I was intrigued to revisit the Iliad a little mor...

    Schindler's List

    I've tried to never re-watch this film since its release in 1993. It had such a devastating effect on me at the cinema that I really didn't want to put myself through it again nor do it an injustice by watching on TV.

    However, in preparation for my daughter's visit to Auschwitz, I watched it aga...