I bought this film from Poundland so therefore had very, very low expectations. I also remembered this was released after a plethora of 'sword and sandal' type epics following the success of Gladiator.

    However, after reading 'The Song of Achilles' I was intrigued to revisit the Iliad a little mor...

    Schindler's List

    I've tried to never re-watch this film since its release in 1993. It had such a devastating effect on me at the cinema that I really didn't want to put myself through it again nor do it an injustice by watching on TV.

    However, in preparation for my daughter's visit to Auschwitz, I watched it aga...

    Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2

    You know what, I don't think I'm part of this film's target audience.

    It did, however, make me laugh (for all the wrong reasons) several times so it wasn't a complete waste of time.


    The Purge

    I have to admit I wasn't exactly desperate to go and see The Purge, but was dragged along by my horror genre loving daughter. The concept sounded a bit lame, and the image of the mask and wearer being used on the promotional material made me groan a little.

    However, I have to admit this film pu...


    An intriguing film by Christopher Nolan. Essentially Memento is a gritty film noir-esque thriller with a unique twist.

    The main character suffers from short term memory loss but nonetheless is tracking down the killer of his murdered wife (and reason for his memory loss). The film therefore plays...

    Inglourious Basterds

    It's taken me far too long to get around to seeing this film, despite being quite a Tarantino fan.

    There are some incredibly well written and tense scenes with brilliant timing and editing that you know will stay with you for a long time. It's all served up with the usual cartoon pop-culture gra...

    Dawn of the Dragon Slayer

    Oh dear. Terrible acting, terrible effects, poor editing, unoriginal story.

    I had to turn it off as thought I might be in the early stages of falling into a coma.

    The Next Three Days

    A very enjoyable and hidden gem on Netflix.

    I love prison break movies, the more seemingly impossible the better. This was a fairly gritty, well-paced production full of surprises coupled with a beautifully choreographed and well-paced plot.

    Russell Crowe really made the naivety of even atte...

    Dan Brown 'Inferno'

    Quick Review

    There's a lot of snobbery and debate about Dan Brown. People love to hate him. I'm not sure whether it's simply because of his success and popularity or his 'creative' restructuring of reality (it's called fiction though, right?) but I have to say I've really enjoyed all of his nov...


    Quick Review* i

    Sniper rifles, conspiracy, counter-conspiracy, big black cars, entrapment and intrigue. A bloke that looked like Guy Pearce, but wasn't. Lots of explosions, some of them ludicrous. Home made napalm and general mass murder with amusing allusions to justice.

    I got a bit of a f...

    Django Unchained

    An epic tale from chain gang slave to conquering 'hero'.

    Tarantino simply knows how to entertain, unless of course you don't relish gratuitous (and splatteringly unrealistic) bloodshed.

    Almost 3 hours long it fails to get boring at any point (despite a very simple plot) due to the great chara...

    Jon Hopkins 'Immunity'

    Quick Review

    He may have a name reminiscent of a University somewhere in Leicestershire or a maths teacher, but his music is far more interesting.

    Whilst maybe better known for co-producing Coldplay's Viva La Vida album, I was a great fan of the first two solo albums; Opalescent and Contact N...

    Taken 2

    After watching the first five minutes, I realised I have not actually seen the first film. I think I had confused another Neeson film 'Unknown' - in which his wife is 'taken', kind of.

    Depeche Mode 'Delta Machine'

    2 Minute Review
    I was really excited when I realised there was a new Depeche Mode album, and I knew nothing about it.

    Unfortunately, it features uninspiring sounds - with little evidence of creative sound design, predictable Depeche Mode type chord progressions, droning vocal performances a...

    Will.I.Am '#willpower'

    Quick Review

    Clever idea for the album title, using a hash tag. Was he the first to do that? I have forgotten most of what this sounded like, but I really liked 3 tracks - The first track 'Good Morning' was rather pleasant. Scream and Shout was rather catchy (which I believe features Britney Spe...

    Asus 'Fonepad'

    So I decided to take a break from iOS and my iPhone for a while and take a different approach. I used to be quite anti-Android, a bit of an Apple fan boy but after using a 7 inch Jelly Bean tablet for the last 6 months I began to really enjoy the experience.

    Took delivery of this yesterday and it...


    Ok, so I put my nice little flat site live, mainly to make it easier to fix a few mobile width issues. All looking fine, apart from the odd default browser on my generic Android Jelly Bean tablet which seems to be missing a navigation bar. Odd, can't think why that would happen. I should probab...

    Markdown Win

    I'm still streamlining what is being passed from my markdown files to the main templates. Finally managed to pass the background image to the body tag, although there is now an inline style in the final page. But it's only a single file, so I have forgiven myself completely. I've also managed to...

    Energy, Time, Money - Venn Diagram

    A little Diagram to illustrate a tweet I read, with a little addition of my own for those occasions when all things seems possible.

    Energy, Time, Money

    Sumvision Voyager 7" Tablet

    Got a cheapo Sumvision Voyager Android tablet yesterday. So far, it’s pretty great for the price. Just short of eighty quid (from buys a 7″, 16Gb Flash + 1Gb RAM dual core tablet with quad core graphics.

    Sub Sea

    Just loaded a ZX Spectrum 'game' I made in 1984 - into the Fuse MacOS emulator. Haven't seen Sub Sea for 28 years, and I think it demonstrates the pinnacle of my design efforts as a 15 year old.
    Some might say my improvement has been negligible since. But I'm very impressed by the FLASH attribute on my 'typography'. Make all the things Flash on and off I say!

    Geek, Dork, Nerd Info-graphic

    A Venn diagram to discover whether you are a Geek, a Dork, or a Nerd

    Obama gets to meet Nick

    Rather amused and possibly a teeny bit proud to see my old school mate Nick Ray with President Obama (apparently it IS a genuine photo, though it looks a bit suspicious to me). We always accused Nick of 'schmoosing' and being a 'social climber' and now it looks like he's schmoosed his way right to the top.

    Boag Potter: the days before Hogscape

    Digging around and mucking out some old Headscape folders, I found a remarkable photo of Harry Potter in a mini bus. Took me a moment to notice I was driving the thing and this was in fact Mr Boag himself off for a game of Quidditch. I believe this was before the films were even made, and hmmm, l...

    A Father's Day gift

    Finally got round to creating an online archive of my Dad's creative work.  I have a lot more to add to it over time, but please with the progress I made on Father's Day.

    Ugly Duckling

    I'm not a big fan of swans. Graceful yes. Slightly scary and generally annoying, definitely. In fact they used to be my mortal enemy when I used to be a keen fisherman.

    But as I came across this mother and her lone cygnet, even I had to admit that it was a rather cute scene; especially as the...

    Austin 2011

    SXSW 2011. In a few choice pictures.

    .Net Magazine

    I was thrilled to have a feature article printed in the February 2011 (#211) edition of .Net magazine. I've been in magazines a few times in my life from the age and it's always been really quite exciting. The first time I was in print was quite amusing to think back to. I had a couple of games p...

    Space-silly Spangly Site

    I redesigned my site over the course over the weekend. It was boring and I hated it.

    It has no 'Posts by Month'? No, but there is a 'rocket ship'.

    There's no detailed categorisation? No, but there is a 'papery planet'

    There's no 'Latest Comments'? No, but there are aliens. Wearing pan...

    A Vision in Marble and Granite

    "She's Norwegian, gorgeous, full of fun, yet with surprising hidden depths. Quite literally so, since her lower limbs are permanently submerged in the sea. No, she's not a mermaid. She's the new Oslo Opera House, an amazing marble and granite vision that rises out of the fjord like a giant ice floe." Richard Morrison (Sunday Times)