Had a fun time today at Little Pig Farm with Jane Croft, one of the few suppliers/breeders of micopigs in the UK.  She has a thriving and growing business bringing these small pigs from sty into the heart of the home.


    A thought provoking visit, on a foggy morning, to one of the most notorious places on Earth.

    Couch Potato Perfection

    Yesterday I finally got to play with an iPad in an Apple Store in Florida. I hadn't completely made my mind up on buying one at the point of walking into the store as I had a few reservations.

    Lost without trace

    I generally don't like to look back in life. I find it a self indulgent, unhelpful and slightly melancholy activity to dwell in the past.

    There are some threads, however, that waft around in the breeze of the day to day, and I wonder what happened to a person, thing or place.

    My old university housemates in Portsmouth, where I lived from 1989 to 1991 are a case in point. I lived with Keith, Annabel and Sue for 2 years at 174 Shearer Road, most of the time which was gloriously care free and happy.

    Yet Another Failed Personal Site Design

    I have never designed a website for myself. I've designed hundreds of sites over the last 10 years (not all made it of course!). I've  'interpreted' brands, created unique look-and-feels to reflect user personalities, designed logos, invented colour palettes, come up with image guidelines, written...

    Creating the Cygnus

    When I was little I was obsessed with making spaceships. I would use anything I could get my hands on to create my masterpieces and spent all my time thinking what I might needed for the next section.

    Great Grandmother Repair Man

    A few months ago my mum gave me a picture of my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather (one on the right I think).   As you can see above, not exactly the most lovingly looked afer photo in the world.   I said I would have a go at making it better.   So after a few hours hard work in Photoshop toni...

    Touring: Iceland

    A 200km drive around Iceland in a van.

    Remembrance Sunday

    Yesterday was Remembrance Sunday when we remember all those that died in war throughout the 20th Century and continue to fight and die in Afghanistan and Iraq. Eleah was in a parade to the Church for a memorial service with the Brownies and helped he friend Susie carry a flag.  Both Elisa's parents...

    City Break Leicester

    Today I went to the city of Leicester, about a 100 minute drive away, to see the Diwali lights and to taste a bit of Hindu life and its shopping experience. Diwali is the equivalent of Christmas to Hindus and is also know as the Festival of Light.

    Belgrave Road in the North East of the city is t...

    Self Adornment

    Today my kids decided that they wanted to paint their faces. On their own.

    King Michael

    Every dog has his day. Mikey's day was today. We saved him from the Dog's Home

    king mikey

    Considering I didn't want Mikey in the beginning I now admit that I like this hound. He is big, gentle and incredibly affectionate. With the kids his tolerance seems to know no bounds. Yes, life would be simpler wit...

    Christmas 1860

    Ok, this wasn't taken in 1860, but it shows a domestic Christmas scene at some point in the middle of the 20th Century.

    Top left is my Mum, Pamela next to her is her little brother, my uncle, Brian. In the front row on the left is my grandmother (who died when I was little) with my Grandad; George Williams. On the right is My great grandmother.

    Brownie Camp

    Over the weekend my daughter went on her first Brownie Camp in a rather nice hall in the woods near Newmarket. It was the first time she would be away from home without any of her family, and as such it was a big occasion for us all. I remember my first cub camp when I was about 8, and just how ho...

    Truffle Reflections

    So, it's my birthday once again. I made it to yet another 11th September. Yes, it's become a notorious date in the calendar, but at least it's memorable now.

    Ugly Bug Ball

    About a week ago, my beautiful caterpillar made itself a cocoon at the top of the jar I was keeping it in. At first I thought it had died and gone mouldy as the fine white hair around it resembled the fine filaments of some types of white mould. However, on close inspection it became obvious that the coloured hairs from the caterpillar had been shed into this fine white tapestry and metamorphosis was about to commence.

    Locker Doors

    When I was in the 6th form, which I guess would be year 12/13 nowadays we had small wooden lockers. I think we were the last year to have these before a new 6th form building was built, so we were allowed to paint the doors as we wanted.

    Lake Garda Panorama

    Last year whilst spending a week at Lazise on Lake Garda, I took a panorama photograph from Sermione point near the southern shore. I wanted to try and capture the amazing blue intensity of the lake and the ruins, the olive groves and distant snow capped mountains.

    Perfect Cappuccino

    Early last year I paid about £130 for a Krupps espresso, cappuccino and filter coffee machine. It was a brilliant buy at the time and I was delighted by the full range of coffee products I could produce with it. Unfortunately it partly died. I had been warned the the milk frothers on such machines tended to have very short lives and sure enough, just as the machine passed beyond it's 1 year warranty period, the milk frother stopped working completely. No more cappuccino/latte.

    The Surrey Hills

    Occasionally I get the pleasure of leaving my office and travelling around the country on legitimate work missions. Recently my mission was to take a series of photographs from hill tops in Surrey, create panorama images and shoot some video footage.


    We got Bramble the Springer Spaniel when I was about 11. She was the puppy of Shelly owned by Ann Shamma who lived at the end of our road called Frognall near Deeping St.James. She was a beautiful puppy and a beautiful, pretty dog with lots of brown in her markings.

    Mr Curly Cool

    Now and then my mum shows me a photo. I'm usually completely horrified by how badly it has been looked after and incredibly ancient it looks.


    I found this photo a while ago behind another more recent photo in an old frame. It was a poorly cared for 6X4, faded and damaged with the negative long since lost. After spending ages cleaning is up as a digital image I now at least have some way of keeping it safe.

    Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae

    Yesterday I had a visitor to my office. I don’t get many, but when I do they don’t normally come in uninvited through the window.

    World Ballooning Championship

    Today was the first day of the World Ballooning Championship. Balloonists from around the world launched at 7am from Pidley Golf course about5 miles away. So our day started by being woken by the sound of gas burners as 21 hot air balloons drifted slowly across Bluntisham.

    Basepoint Southampton

    Occasionally I need to make a very long and boring trip down to the Southampton office for meetings and our fabulous monthly ’show and tell’. We have a single large room in a Basepoint centre (above) which provides all the facilities a small business needs, but mainly a good office environment and a...

    Kayaking St.Ives

    Occassionally this summer, the clouds have gone to bed and the sun has come out to play with it's best hat on. On those occasions it's time for action. It's time to get outside, and enjoy what little good weather we seem to be having this year.

    Battling the Comet

    Yesterday we went sailing at Ferry Meadows in Peterborough.There had been promise of the hottest summer weekend of the year, but as we arrived at the water sports lake it looked grey, cold and windy.It eventually got better by about 2pm.

    Magic Mountains

    A few weeks ago my daughter  (now 7)  spent a while frantically drawing a picture in her room and presented it  it to me proudly in my office. It's always nice to receive a picture, despite the fact it's usually drawn on the paper stolen from my printer. What blew me away with this picture was the...

    Luke's Amazing Illustrations

    I thought I had a good idea of the creative abilities of my friend Luke. We used to work together, but now we only really have an online friendship, which works well as we both enjoy the same sort of things. He is a musician, song writer, designer, techie, keen photographer and all round creative geek like myself.