In the Mup

    Magic Mountains (see previous post) reminded me that a few weekends ago, my Mum brought over a huge folder of school work from when I was between the age of 5 and 10 or so. One of my earliest pieces of written work is shown above. It made me laugh so much when I saw it.

    Back to Reality

    And so I return to the grey skies of England, unhappy to have returned in some respects but relieved in others. The usual familiar feelings of traveling abroad and returning home once more.

    The Art of Sunbathing

    Usually, I'm not the sort of person who likes lying around sunbathing. I find it quite tedious laying about and generally uncomfortable being in the sun for long periods. I normally prefer holidays that take in lots of sights, experiences, tastes, smells and visits to historic places, to churches, museums, mountains, rivers etc. But this year I just can't be bothered. It takes a lot of effort to plan visits especially with kids. Suddenly laying about doing nothing seems like heaven.

    Restaurant at the End of the Universe

    For our final night in Lanzarote we took an excursion into the Timanfaya National Park for a tour and barbecue cooked over a volcano.

    Towel Rage

    It is a standing and almost institutionalised joke that the Germanic race are first to the pool laying towels on sunbeds in order to reserve their places.

    Fathers and daughters

    Being a father to a daughter is perhaps one the greatest journeys of discovery a man can undertake in his lifetime.

    Sun Royal Apparthotel

    Once again booking online with Thomson has worked out beautifully. This place is clean, spacious, well-equipped, lushly planted, quiet and not too crowded. It's perfect for young families, and those with older kids would survive too as there are plenty of activities. We are a 10 minute walk from Playa Dorada beach which unlike many of the Canary Islands has golden white sand, hence the name of the resort Playa Blanca.

    Bit of a dive

    I can now say that I’ve been down in a submarine. Ok, so it was a small, tourist submarine, with no nuclear reactor and not a single torpedo. But it was still pretty cool.

    The ‘dive’ went from Puerto del Carmen about 40 minutes north east from Playa Blanca which lies at the most southerly part of...

    Serious Snorkel

    Yesterday I joined the masses of ten year old's on Playa Dorada beach and bought a snorkeling set. I haven't tried to snorkel since I myself was about ten years old. But to be honest I've never really felt the urge to. Until 11am yesterday morning.

    Bartered Braiding

    In the first couple of days in and around the beach we noticed a large number of young girls with different styles of hair braiding. They looked great and at first I assumed they had very talented mothers and maybe it was a style preferred by locals. Then it became obvious that the four African women at the top of the beach were providing the service and must have been doing a great bit of business between them.

    Free from the Floods

    At last we have sunshine. Lots of sunshine. Whilst areas of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire are underwater back in England, here in Lanzarote water is still a precious resource.

    Escape to the Moon

    This year is the most non summer-like summer I can remember. In fact I'm forced to ask myself 'does England actually experience seasons any longer?'. Ok it's a bit colder in the winter generally, but it's hardly a massive contrast.

    Crap and Go

    I hate the word 'blog'. It makes me feel like a nerd. I know I'm not a nerd because I have hobbies and interests that involve going outside now and then.

    Getting away with

    Why do we let kids learn the violin? In the wrong hands it can be a lethal weapon, an instrument of torture and pain.

    Sensible Running

    Last night it was sport's evening at the school my kids attend. For 1 night only competitive sports were allowed, although there were hushed rumours that we weren't actually allowed to cheer too loudly in case the kids with less vocal parents felt left out. Very silly.

    Falling Foul of Maria Sharapova

    This morning I witnessed a horrifying incident.

    Every morning, somewhere between 6am and 7:30am I now take two
    desperate greyhounds for a walk around the nearby park. This is where
    they take care of their morning business, rather than in my back
    garden. Being a good and responsible dog owner I...

    A Dog Called Mikey

    Ever since moving to Bluntisham in 2001, I have tried my hardest to keep my away from visiting Wood Green Animal Shelter. Wood Green, based near Godmanchester in Huntingdon is a rehoming centre for dogs, cats and all sorts of rabbits, rodents and assorted reptiles. In fact, if there is a creature
    in need of a home, it will probably end up at Wood Green.

    Finding Heavell

    Someone got me thinking yesterday about Heaven and Hell, and which I may be steering a long, slow course towards.

    Mad Weather

    After four or five weeks of utterly terrible weather, what a relief to have a decent weekend. It’s July afterall. Finally, a pair of shorts. At last, sunglasses.