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I’ve been trying much harder to read more web and design books lately. I think the problem with reading most text book tomes is the fact they feel like a bit of a slog to get through compared to snacking on blog posts. In the past I have relegated the task to some ideal moment when I suddenly have lots of time. This, of course, never happens or very very rarely at best.

So lately, I’ve taken a new approach. Put simply it seems to work much better for me if I try really hard to read a single chapter a day. In fact I’ve taken to doing this with novels as well as web/design books.

There is a certain element of uncertainty about this method, however. Mainly the fact that the single chapter could be a couple of pages, or fifty. The average seems to be somewhere in between though, mostly. That’s averages for you. You just have to put up with the outliers.

So far this has meant about 30 minutes a day on average and I’ve already rattled through Rachael Andrews’ Get Ready for Grid Layout, Ethan Marcotte’s Responsive Design: Patterns &amp; Principles and I’m just about to finish Mike Monteiro’s Design is a Job which I’m finding particularly enjoyable as it addresses so many of my personal design shortcomings.

As a result, I’ve very excited by Display: Grid; and can’t wait to try it out and eventually use it when browser support comes out from behind browser flags and into the wild.