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As many have already said, the Samsung NC10 is a great machine. The size is just right, the screen bezel doesn’t appear to be huge as on other netbooks, and the keyboard is excellent. The keys are a bit stiffer than I am used to, but they have a comfortable amount of travel and I am able to touch type without difficulty. The only real issue I have with the keyboard is the need to press Fn to use End and Home keys, but I suspect every netbook would suffer this fate due to lack of space. I appreciate the standard key layout of the NC10, as this was one of my concerns about the ASUS 1000ha and the soon to be released 1002ha. I am a heavy right shift key user and am pleased that Samsung didn’t mess with it.

I compared this with an Acer Aspire One (AAO) from a local store, and I am completely satisfied with choosing the Samsung. The AAO was also a great machine, but the difference is really in the keyboard. That and the Samsung has a matte finish screen which is appreciated in public places for the lack of glare. The brightness is sufficient and as many have said, the battery life is great. I also think the Samsung runs quieter than the AAO does.

The NC10 comes with a bunch of Samsung utilities, but to be honest I haven’t really messed with them. I removed the only trial software that I noticed, McAfee, and that’s about it. I loaded some software over my home network and have been good to go. The only complaint about software is the lack of updates loaded out of the box. It comes with IE 6 so you have to load IE 7 and the multitude of updates that come along with it. I also loaded Chrome and soon will load Firefox and everything works as expected thus far. The speed is sufficient, I would say it is faster than my old Pentium M 2.0 GHz, 1GB RAM, laptop. I watched the latest episode of Heroes on without stutter so I am pleased about that.

Lastly, thank you Samsung for not making the exterior surface shiny and for putting the mouse button where it is supposed to be. The AAO looked terrible with the shiny surfaces while the NC10 doesn’t get all gummed up with fingerprints like the AAO does. It may seem like a minor issue but it really is an annoyance with how dirty the AAO and other shiny netbooks appear to be. Although I primarily tap to click, the existence of a proper mouse button below the track pad is a huge bonus. Actually, this is the main reason I didn’t even consider the new HP Mini 1000 as I didn’t really care for that design on the AAO either.

Overall, this is the one to get!