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Copenhagan Harbour

At some point I decided it might be fun for me and my son to drive a couple of thousand km around Scandinavia.

The plan was to stay in random accommodation types and generally drive from Copenhagan to Stockholm, up and across to Oslo and south again back to Copenhagan down the Swedish west coast, taking in a few places I visited in my youth.

There were fish…

and butterflies

Driving across Øresundsbroen – the bridge between Denmark and Sweden.

Finally found our bed for the night behind a service station near Jönkoping.

It was a lovely day to explore villages around lake Vänern.

Surrstroömming where it belongs. In a closed environment. Much later a tin would evacuate my child’s school hall.

Arrived in Stockholm. Where we slept in a ‘pod’. It was cool.

Nice coffee whilst the rains stop.

A statue by the town hall that isn’t famous. But could be. Who decides?
An overcast Stockholm in the morning.

The Vasa. Stakeholder meddling in it’s design and development lead to it sinking on launch. A valuable lesson to us all.

The streets of old Stockholm

The cobbled streets of Stockholm. Lack of cash machines, but very nice.

A long walk back to the car at the Ericsson Globe.

Stayed in a typical Swedish outbuilding conversion.

A very large Picasso statue in an odd place.

Very still. Very clear. Very beautiful.

– Fluffy clouds –

Into Norway, and a house for the night with a very interesting and over-elaborate breakfast.

The Oslo Operahuset.