Reading Time: < 1 minute


Something about the name, the subject of the cover image and the fact I’d never heard of it didn’t exactly me enthuse me to rush to watch this film

When it started and it was in French, my heart sank further. But then I recalled that some of the best films I’ve ever seen have been French, and switching into reading mode takes only a couple of minutes.

Getting to know the two main characters doesn’t take long, and the chemistry of the differences between them is hugely entertaining and often hilarious. The cinematography is stylish and beautiful, as is the music (although one of Einaudi’s pieces sounded like a straight copy of Thomas Newman’s American Beauty themes -which was a little annoying).

I imagined this being remade by Hollywood with Dustin Hoffman and Will Smith, an over-sentimentalised script and all the subtly removed. I really hope that never happens (Leigh from 2020… it happened!)

A beautiful film in every respect; script, story, acting, music, cinematography, great humour. Definitely one of my favourites films of 2013.