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I watched Transcendence and Lucy back to back. Whilst Lucy was a little lame in concept, Transcendence at least had the slightly more plausible, although still fantastical premise to build upon.

Pretty sure the CGI in both films used the same particle plugins – as there was and awful lot of ‘things turning to dust’ and blowing about in them both.

I really quite enjoyed the concept of Johny Depp’s character continuing his pioneering work from the confines of the computer (plus robot arms etc) and that his work became increasingly ominous.

I’ll be honest. I may possibly have fallen asleep towards the middle somewhere (acid test fail). So I don’t think it was thrill a minute, nor that mentally engaging. So I have promised myself to watch it again, but for now it gets a 6/10.

Of course, Morgan Freeman is in it too. Of course he is.