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I bought this film from Poundland so therefore had very, very low expectations. I also remembered this was released after a plethora of ‘sword and sandal’ type epics following the success of Gladiator.

However, after reading ‘The Song of Achilles’ I was intrigued to revisit the Iliad a little more and try and understand a tiny bit more of Homer’s mythical universe.

All in all, I enjoyed Troy. There were some fine battle scenes, the initial attack on the city of Troy being highly reminiscent of the battle of Helms Deep in The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers. There were some solid performances including Peter O’Tool as Priam – King of Troy. I’m not sure I was convinced by Brad Pitt as Achilles, but he was able to portray the compassion necessary towards Priam in one of the final scenes as well as some nimble swordsmanship.

When nearly three hours passes really quickly, you know you have been entertained and engrossed. The thing that makes me snigger the most is nothing to do with the film, but Homer’s choice of naming for the heir of Troy. Homer came up with some great names – Achilles, Agamemnon (atrides), Patroclus, Odysseus, Diomades, Ajax, Menalaus, Idomenaeus, Peleus, Phoenix, Myrmidons, Paris, Glaucus, Astyanax, Sarpedon, Chryseis, framed within the whole horde of Immortal God names. But then there is Hector.

Hector is such a rubbish name for any kind of hero. My son laughed uncontrollably when his name was first uttered, and he doesn’t even have the baggage of the children’s TV series ‘Hectors House’ in his mind. (Ok a c, not a k – but the same result).