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A few weeks ago out and about in the early morning during some early morning mist, I walked across a field near to me which shimmered like a lake in the early morning sunlight.

sparkling spider gems

The reason for the shimmering was literally millions of spider webs across just about every single blade of grass for as far as the eye could see.

I heard a radio programme today describing this phenomena in detail. Basically during some mornings of late October, early November every young spider that has been born during that summer tries to fly away to new territory. Basically the baby spiders put their bottoms in the air and fire a fine silk thread into the sky in an attempt to create a balloon like strand and get caught by the wind. Those who succeed can be carried many metres away and sometimes far greater distances are achieved, indeed some have been observed to cross oceans once they ascend to great enough altitudes.

An incredible sight though, and one I’ve never seen before. Amazing how you can still be surprised on your own doorstep