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A bold, innovative site to get those needing help to the right attorney or practice with ease and confidence

Blank Rome is an US law firm with 13 offices around the world and more than 600 attorneys.

The Challenge

The goal was to create a clear, impactful site working with Blankrome's new branding to develop a whole new look, feel and direction for the firm.

The greater challenges were understanding some of the complexities of the content and the pursuit of a static left hand navigation with a 'covering' style home page panel. There was a desire to create a bold first impression of the firm, without trying to be too gimmicky or forcing a large download on visitors.

There were also a number of practical issues that shaped the design, such as reusing existing photography and generally having a limited repertoire or requirement for imagery across the site.

Design Work

  • Design exploration and research in 3 days initial workshop in Washington, DC.
  • Interactive Wireframe in HTML/CSS
  • Visual design and aesthetic exploration in static mockups
  • Design work in browser in HTML/CSS/JS
  • Overseeing Drupal 8 twig templates as built

- Home Page -

- Attorney Bio -

- Team Listing -

- Sketch mockup work -

- Basic text content -

- Office listing -

- Office content -

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