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The British Lung Foundation (BLF) provides a vital service to tens of thousands of people with lung conditions. Its new website is helping BLF to do that more effectively than ever and it is making it easier for supporters to help in dozens of different ways.

The British Lung Foundation is a charity with a big mission. It is the only UK charity dedicated to providing support for all types of lung conditions.

My Role

  • Kick off workshop design, IA, wire-framing exercises at client office
  • Low fidelity wire-frames of site user journeys
  • Mood-boards translating brand to site elements
  • Higher fidelity HTML prototypes
  • Mock-up of main page types
  • Iteration of design mock-up to candidate design
  • Translation of signed off design to other page types and elements
  • Assisting front-end developer with build
  • Design of multiple spin-off projects, apps and information hubs following the brand interpretations of the main design.

The main challenge in re-designing the BLF’s website was to balance the provision of self-help information alongside the charity’s need to ask for financial donations. The website complements the BLF’s large Facebook presence by providing in-depth content, demonstrating impact and providing users with a huge range of ways to support BLF.

The donations panel

Another big challenge was accommodating a logo which is fundamentally unfriendly to digital. Being a tall logo with small text meant that it dictated a lot of the layout in the header of the page. It could not be so small that the text was not legible meaning it demanded height on the page, meaning it had to be overlaid (whilst having to remain legible) over images of background textures.

Occasionally the ratio of the image and the limitations of the Drupal template required the logo would sit with a large empty space to the right. To prevent this looking awkward, a solution was to extend the background cloud texture to give a feeling of open airiness.