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BTO are one of the biggest ornithological charities in the UK with an emphasis on science and understanding of birds.

BTO needed a partner to reorganise and redesign its ageing website. The old site had become outdated in its design look and feel, needed to better illustrate the aims of the organisation and offered a poor experience to mobile users.

I was tasked with redesigning their entire web presence across multiple websites, micro-sites and landing pages.

Wire-frame prototype


Look and feel design variants

Final design

Pattern library development

The Fractal system was used to deliver the pattern library. Fractal follows “Atomic Design” principles where the simplest, fundamental elements are at the Atom level, basic patterns comprised of a few atoms at the Molecule level, and more complex components made up of collections of smaller elements at the Organism level.

Pattern libraries also include example page types to demonstrate how all of the elements work together.