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I worked for Macmillan Publishers on their Learning Management System called English Campus, a large web application aimed particularly at teaching English language skills to South American students.

This was a challenging and complex project which was difficult to get a grasp of at first due to the size and variety of its functionality. The incumbent incarnation was confusing the understanding even more.

Through extensive wire-framing a prototyping the whole application came together to be an effective and easy to comprehend solution which was user tested with audiences of differing cultural backgrounds to ensure cognitive dissonance was at a minimum.

Design Work

  • Brand creation workshops
  • Wire framing workshops
  • Remote usability testing via telephone across the globe
  • In-house training.
  • Mood-boarding
  • Visual design and aesthetics

Final Product

MEC Design Work
Main dashboard showing progress through courses, upcoming test sessions, messaging from tutors and course colleagues and promoting other areas of interest on the MEC web-site and externally.
MEC Design Work
Games page overview tiles and facet filter
MEC Design Work
News listing page with faceted filter