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A track I still like quite a lot from the early 90’s.


I had only the Korg Wavestation SR as a good sound source at the time, which had about 4Mb of sampled sound on board (which wouldn’t get you a single piano key sample today) but which could play 32 sounds at the same time.

Even then I wasn’t especially excited by the sound of this thing – especially the ‘real’ sounds considering the the amount of money I spent on it.

I think I misunderstood it at the time, and it had some very nice wave sequences, but it was a nightmare to program your own sounds with a tiny screen and horrid pokey buttons. I must have had a lot of patience then though because I spent days/weeks navigating about that tiny display without a computer to help. I still don’t think I ever really did it justice.

Today I have the plugin version, which to me sounds identical, and I don’t have the worry of it powering up whenever I want to use it.

The strings were all from the EMU MPS Keyboard, a sample based keyboard with another 4Mb of complete sample memory. The strings were a bit rough, but got better the higher they were. I seem to have made them very high indeed in some of this track.

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