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A track for leaving University life behind as I moved my daughter out of Harborne, Birmingham for the final time.

Here I’m experimenting with a new style for me, which it turns out is a lot of fun to produce. Orchestral Indian Drum and Bass!


Barbar is on a Bicycle

I have always loved Indian music, from the wistful flourishes of the Bansuri to the deeply evocative Sangari and the drones of the sitar and harmonium. Combining it with orchestral sounds, especially the particular unique playing style of Indian string orchestras (which I’m very much still trying to understand); and combining it all with tabla and EDM (always been a great, energetic basis for rhythmic interest) makes a fun and energetic fusion.

It was a lie. He was in a Nissan Micra.

The only reason for the name is that my first and probably only ever use of Uber Eats made me chuckle when it appeared my delivery was being made by Barbar on his bike.

Later in the day I tried to find examples of ‘Indian strings’ and failed to find any, but then stumbled across Talvin Singh who I used to love (no one else in my shared office did). It was exciting to hear some drum and bass with Indian influences again after all this time, it sounded very fresh and inspired me.

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