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An epic 10 minute ethnic ambient romp I put together in the early 90’s, a time period when I first got an Akai S950 sampler, and pillaged records for samples.

I took the bus and train from Sutton Coldfield where I was living with my landlady at the time down to London’s Turnkey Music store and carried the largest, heaviest box ever all the way back with me. The S950 took floppy disks and had a sample memory of about 2.2Mb in my expanded version which cost a fortune.

The Atari 520ST studio c.1993. I think I’m either playing a harmonica or eating sweetcorn. One of those.

You just don’t get that kind of dedication nowadays, just download a sampler and away you go.


I am very sure there are some very well known samples from a Neil Diamond album in here, but they were all I could get my hands on at the time. Together with a Korg Wavestation SR, and an EMU MPS keyboard I put together quite a few of these kinds of tracks. I’m thinking it sort of followed from listening to too much Enigma and Deep Forest at the time.

I think this one went a little odd in the middle with some samples that are a little contrasting but again – all I had. I think many samples came direct from the Time & Space sampler CD that came with the sampler. It goes very jazzy at end with some rather mediocre sax samples, but I was enjoying myself.

Somehow this recording has survived relatively intact (only a couple of wibbly bits throughout), despite being recorded only to a ferrous metal cassette tape. I think it was then transferred to a DAT tape in the early 2000’s and I captured all my DAT tapes a few years ago.

My Akai S950 with Wavestation SR and EMU MPS Keyboard c.1992
The same setup with the Atari 520 ST, not sure how I arranged things when the Akai arrived.
I spent many long hours prodding the tiny buttons on the Korg Wavestation SR, and getting lost in a labyrinth of 2 line backlit LCD screens
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