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The Commodore 64 was blessed with a rather spectacular sound chip called the 6581/8580 SID which programmers of the time made innovative and wonderful creative use of despite its limitations. A cult grew up around the sound chip and the musicians that provided the soundtracks for the top games. 

You still here these sounds occasionally – albeit in slightly dubious places, an off-shoot of the ‘demo scene’ which peaked in the 80’s and early 90’s.

So, here’s a little SID based tune from an evening session last night. Not sure how it ended up being quite so jolly, but I think I may have been quite excited to hear the old sounds again and got carried away with it all. I didn’t manage to stay completely authentic to SID as I initially intended to; I couldn’t help but add a smattering of delay, reverb, string samples and a bit of strengthening percussion just to make it a tiny bit more palatable to 21st century ears.


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