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The first tangible evidence that I ever did anything creative with sound, ‘music’ and graphics.

This rather terrible little game was written in Sinclair Basic for the ZX Spectrum 48k and it took me ages. I think I was far more interested in designing the graphics and sound than designing any actual game-play as it’s terrible and almost impossible to hit anything. I’m quite impressed I made a 3D bar chart of hit to miss ratios though.

Actual gameplay footage! Pretty sure whoever the poor person was who typed my BASIC listing in made a few errors here and there as there are clearly bugs!

The game was actually published by a publication, Sinclair User Magazine and was my only foray into the world of video game design.

Interesting that I attempted to use ‘pitch streaming’ (as I later discovered it was called) to create music for the puny Spectrum’s beep ability to sort of simulate the idea of multi-channel sound.

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