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I’m generally a little bit disorganised. Despite loving the general idea of knowing where I put my keys, or left that letter to post, I lose things.

Occasionally I lose bigger things, stuff that is irreplaceable. I also lose music I’ve spent hours, or weeks writing. Sometimes I just forget about it completely and it lingers away in an old file format on a defunct hard drive. Not completely lost to the world, simply lost to my mind.


So, I was looking for something in box in the loft full of the random kibble of life when I found an old C90 cassette tape. Unlabelled of course. An analogue tape, imagine that. It was branded BBC (yes they used to make tapes) and it displaced a memory. It took a few minutes to remember how I was going to play such an antique, when I recalled I have an equally antique mini system in the kitchen, with its very under-utilised tape deck.


I remembered. I spent a week writing this piece of music on my EMU Master Performance Keyboard. It was during a brief period of unemployment, where I baked scones, signed on at the benefit office, ate scones, created this track, and occasionally even applied for jobs. 16 years later and it still existed, but only in one place in the universe; a small, aged, fragile, low quality C60. I listened once, and thought – “WOW”. Not, “WOW that’s great”, although there were a couple of parts I really liked. More “WOW I spent bloody ages on that”.

After hooking up the tape deck to the PC and recording the audio across, I was struck by the fact the sound quality was surprisingly not atrocious considering the level of abuse the media it was stored on had taken, moving house about 5 times and being kept in all manner of harsh environments from freezing to roasting. Unfortunately I was equally stuck by the incredible noise levels in the background. After a bit of filtering with some noise removal software, a bit of EQ and a dash of reverb I was pleased enough with the result to include it here.

It’s basically 8 minutes split into different sections and is trying really hard to be some kind of film score. I’m not really sure what it’s about, or if it was ever meant to be about anything. I’ve called it The Hunter, mainly because it sounded cool, but also because I was living near a school called Bohunt School in Liphook, and at the time I myself was hunting for a job. Oh, and up there, well, that’s a picture of a Rhino, which looks quite pretty and is vaguely hunter-ish.

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