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    BuckleySandler is a large American Law firm based in Washington DC. Whistleblower Advocacy is a small Drupal 8 child site giving greater prominence to one practice area.

    This micro-site was a re-use of the main BuckleySandler site into a Drupal 8 child site/theme.

    Blank Rome

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    Blank Rome is an US law firm with 13 offices around the world and more than 600 attorneys.

    A bold, innovative site to get those needing help to the right attorney or practice with ease and confidence

    The goal was to create a clear,

    Buckley Sandler

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    BuckleySandler is a large American Law firm based in Washington DC.

    The Challenge

    The old site was small, unresponsive, cluttered, badly planned and unmanageable. The challenge was to establish Buckley Sandler as a big player in a crowded law sector, to stand out from the crowd whilst staying true to the core principles of the firm.

    Buckley Sandler Branding

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    Sometimes it’s clear when starting a redesign, that an important aspect of the site is wrong – the branding.

    A strong, clear, and energetic new brand for a large international law firm.

    On occasions there is the willingness, scope and budget to address this.

    Dickstein Shapiro

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    The Dickstein Shapiro site was a large project, a top US law firm based in Washington spanning a 2 year period.

    The site was fully responsive, featuring subtle parallax scrolling on the home page and large dynamic visuals for wide screen displays.

    Design work

    • competitor review
    • heuristic analysis and review
    • stakeholder interviews with key attorneys
    • user personas/journeys
    • multiple mood-boards