Third Human

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    A short piano study in three parts. This started off with ambitions of a cello and string accompaniment, but I decided to keep it clean and simple.


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    A quick little piano tune from an unusual week. Sometimes I simply sit and play something for 10 minutes, then record it (mostly these things are forgotten on disk). No gloss, no production, just as it comes.


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    An optimistic, happy and cheerful piece of piano ‘pop’ with less of an electronic feel than usual for me.

    Very pleased to have used Rhodes samples at long last and do something a little bit different.


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    Written as a cinematic piece, the scene is slightly uneasy but mechanically timed giving an air of purpose and discovery within a mystery. Subtle orchestral strings, french horn, oboe and orchestral percussion give texture whilst woodwind in the penultimate bars.

    In particular some of the orchestration was deliberately written to sound a little ‘wrong’,


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    A simple piece of piano music with strings. A little dream into the unknown and an escape from the everyday world for 3 minutes. This was a single sitting composition, written, played and recorded in a couple of hours, just the way I like it to be at the piano.


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    Somehow I am still managing to find time to create a ‘tune of the week’ and having a great deal of fun pushing myself to be creative in a limited time-frame. It’s amazing how much time you can find between the work/life balance and staying up far too late.

    Civilisation (White Mountain)

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    I wrote this piece of music for a MIDI assignment when I was a music student at York University in 1994/5.

    It’s still one of my favourite pieces and was technically fairly advanced (for me) considering what I had at my disposal at the time.